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M dot Design Studio is poised to take the world by storm with collections of very high quality Limited Edition Cut & Sew garments, handmade in Los Angeles, CA .

M dot Design Studio- A Multi-sensory boutique/showroom filled with hand sewn garments, and handmade jewelry from 4 local designers.

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M. Aquino Holiday 2012 Collection

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So I was asked the other day what inspires me in fashion. So I decided to put together a few photos. Some are pics of people whose style have made an impression on me. The others are the new influences that blending with the old to create something very special. This project is going to be very very fun and I'm excited to be sharing it with you.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009



Friday, July 24, 2009

80's with a hint of marie antoinette

This Mannequin is what I call "80's with a Hint of Marie Antoinette". I matched the latest items we got in at The Basement Boutique in Mission Beach with my hand made belt, put it with some beautiful Pearls, and WA- la you have a perfect one of a kind outfit to wear to that special event!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

M. Dot Limited Edition Cut and Sew

M. Dot limited Edition Cut and Sew Will be available August 1, 2009!!!!! All new Men's tank tops, Women's summer dresses, vests, and rompers.. Limited Edition Cut and Sew will be sold at The Basement Boutique. And Men's Tank Tops TBA. FOR SPECIAL ORDERS CONTACT
GABERIAL KING 812-589-9602

MICHELLE AQUINO 619-708-9975

Day & Night Mannequins

Michelle Aquino Presents you Summer's Floral Day & Night Collection. These Mannequins can be found at her work, The Basement in Mission Beach. Styling each mannequin to perfection. With the right amount of colors to make your wardrobe pop!!!

Michelle Aquino (Stylist)

Safari Style For Summer 2009 styled By Michelle Aquino. Mannequin located at The Basement in Mission Beach .

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Junkyard Dog (KGR)

Junkyard Dog aka (KGR) is not only the product developer for M. Dot Design Studio but is also an infamous DJ. This cat is not just a DJ he is a eargasm specialist! He plays everything, funk, bmore, electro, house, hip hop and etc!!! But not that Top 40 bullshit!!! He brings the best of both worlds, and has a talent for sure... He is all the hype in this industry. Born in Paoli, Indiana, Junkyard Dog is the worlds new music genius... and He is available for booking now!!!
Check him out

Michelle Aquino "Designer & Stylist"

Michelle Aquino offers the average customer one of a kind style. Working within a cheap budget, she can take your whole wardrobe and revamp it with one of kind items, and timeless pieces. Michelle Aquino offers free consultations for styling, and sets a low affordable price for being your own personal shopper!!! You might be wondering, "Well, what sets her apart from all the other stylists out there?" The answer is.... Not only can she find you cute affordable pieces, she can also custom make items for you, so you are sure to have "One of Kind Pieces" . So contact her as soon as possible, and let the magic begin.

Here are a few outfits shes styled for Summer 2009. These can be found at a cute Botique she works at in Mission Beach, called The Basement.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


(Preselected Fabric Before)
m. dot design studio's offers Summer of 2009 the best Men's Tank Tops and Women's Tube Top Summer Dresses. Made from scratch, Miss Vynl selects the best knits, and wovens to make each garment special and different in every way. Fighting the summer heat Miss Vynl and Junkyard Dog presents you with the flyest and coolest gear this summer. Selling at very affordable prices, it is a great match up for everyone.

Men's Tank Tops $25 (Customize your own Tank Top, Tell me how you want it and we will make it)
Final Products

Women's Tube Top Dresses $35 (Customize your own dress to)
Final Product
Side Front